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It is important that your blog or website should be reachable by user from thousands of similar sites.by using #SEO tools quality traffic can be brought to your site.

SEO is "a method or process of improving and optimizing the ranking of a website in search engine results".

Learn search engine principles to boost traffic.

Suggested SEO Tools are

1. Backlink Checker – A list of sites that have linked to your blog or website. #Pagerank is largely determined by the number and quality of links to your site. Monitor this and you can probably guess what your Pagerank ought to be.

2. Broken Link Checker – A look at which of the links in your site are pointing to incorrect or non-existent URLs. Having too many outdated and broken links on your web page may irritate not only the readers but the search spiders. Do this housekeeping once in a while to remove the bad links.

3. Google PageRank Checker – The Google PageRank of your site. You can also download Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar to view the Google PageRanks of all the sites that you visit.

4. Index Checker – Number of pages of your website that are #indexed by search engines. If pages are missing from the index, try submitting your sitemap again.

5. Keyword Density Checker – The keyword distribution in your webpage. This will by and large influence the sort of Ads that AdSense will place on your site.

6. Keyword Suggestor – Suggested popular keywords for your website. Bear in mind these keywords when writing or editing your posts.

7. Meta-tags Generator – Configuration of website's meta-tags. Tailor a suitable description and set of keywords to be inserted into the template.

8. Robot .txt – #Robots.txt file is a publicly available file. Anyone can see what sections of your server you don't want robots to use.

9. Spider Simulator – The page contents as seen by a search engine spider. Some may give you a breakdown of the commonly used keywords in your site.

10. Website Speed Test – Speed of website page load. If you find the page load time a little long, take some measures to have a Faster Web Page Load Time.

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