The moment you hover the cursor on the links the scrolling stops and pauses and you can then read the headlines. These headlines can be a blog update notice, announcement or links to your featured posts. You can use it in million of ways. I found the script on dynamic drive and edited the code with some more colours and images to make it completely compatible with blogger blogs. It is several steps ahead of marquee effect because this widget uses some JavaScript to bring the dynamic effect. Again it is a one-step installation process. Please see the demo first

  1. Go To Blogger > Design
  2. Choose HTML/JavaScript Widget
  3. Paste the following code inside it, 

Make these customizations:
  • To change the Loud speaker image change 

  • If you wish to increase the scroller width size then edit this width: 430px;
  • Replace 0080ff with your link colour.
  • Replace HEADLINE TEXT with anything you wish to write as announcement or updates. Write any text description you want.
  • Replace # with headline page link/url. On clicking this link the visitors will be taken to the headline related page. If you don't want to link your Headlines then simply delete # next to each HEADLINE TEXT  that you don't wish to hyperlink.
  • To change the scroll change delay time kindly edit 1000 . The more your decrease this value the faster will the links scroll up and down.
           4.  Finally save your widget and you are all set!

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