This HTML Encoder Will convert your HTML code into given format, so it will allow you to post your html code into your blogger blog without viewing it's result. for example;

<a href='http://www.bloggerdaddy.tk' target='_blank' title='blogger and html tutorial'><img alt='www.bloggerdaddy.tk' border='0' src='http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ai1PqRliAlc/VojMeq9-III/AAAAAAAAB2Q/PZ02eaSmElE/s250-Ic42/test%25252818%252529.gif'/></a>

The above code will never be able to write on your post, besides will generate below

so, to post that code you need to convert it with this HTML encoder

To convert Google Adsense code

Yes, you can use this tool to convert your Google adsense code before installing it into your HTML webpage (in blogger.com we called it edit html page)

Submit your code >> Click "encode HTML code" button

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